Find Transferred Files on iMac

“I am looking for a bit of assistance. Last weekend I had bought a new iMac desktop and transferred all important files to C drive. After transferring I got a message stating ‘Files were transferred successfully’ so I could see 60 GB space has been used on C drive. Later when I opened C drive I cannot find a single file in that. Am I able to get those files back? If yes then, how to find transferred files on iMac? ”

Yes! It is possible to get lost files on iMac computer. Moreover, the chance of restoring lost files will be more if users stop using their iMac machine from the time when they realize that they have lost files. Losing transferred files on iMac can be a real pain. Thankfully, there is a great solution to recover files which lost during transfer. Make use a reliable Mac File Recovery application which has ability to find lost files on the bases of file type, date of creation, name etc. so that recovery process becomes easy. We can make use of recovery software on all other data loss scenarios also which we face while transferring files on iMac, such as:

  • Accidentally disconnecting external storage device during file transfer process with iMac desktop will lead to lose files from it
  • Improper connection of transfer cable while migrating files between iMac and other device
  • If you use wrong procedure while moving files from Mac terminal, then files from iMac get lost
  • Incorrect way of using Cut and Paste command to transfer files from one device to another may result in losing files from it

When user face any of the above mentioned situation, then he will search those files using Time Machine. If he is lucky enough, then there is a chance of retrieving lost transferred files from it. If this option doesn’t work, then go for the solution which was discussed earlier, i.e. employing reliable recovery utility.

Tool to regain transferred files on iMac:

Yodot Mac File Recovery program helps to rescue lost transferred files on iMac. Using this application, finding lost files is very easy because it provides an option of selecting required file type which makes recovery process easy and fast. This tool will not modify content of any file during regain process. After recovery of files you can make use of preview option to view restored files before storing them. Along with lost files, it can even retrieve hidden, missing, erased and formatted files just in few clicks. By making use of this software one can restore many types of files such as, Excel sheets, PDFs, PowerPoint, Word documents, Sticky Notes, folders, archives, program files and so on. In addition to iMac, utility helps to find transferred files on Mac Mini, Mac Pro computers. User can even extract files lost or erased from storage devices like memory cards, pen drives, USB drives, hard drives, and FireWire drives, etc. which are formatted with HFS+, HFSX, FAT and ExFAT file systems.

Steps to use the utility:

On your iMac computer download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery application. Then, launch tool and start recovery process by following instructions given on screen. Next screen will display two options i.e. “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” click on “Lost File Recovery” option in order to find transferred files on iMac. Further, you will find the list of drives / volumes present on iMac system from that list choose drive / volume from where files need to be recovered. Once the scanning process gets over, you can see regained files either in “Data View” or “File Type View”. Mark the files and preview them by using “preview” option. Finally, select a destination location to save restored files on iMac machine.