How Can I Recover iTunes Library from External HDD?

“When it comes to playing songs, I am very particular about it. In fact, if you will see my iTunes library, you get to know I have huge collections of unusual but melodious songs.  Nevertheless, from past few weeks, my Mac device was working improperly. So, I format my Mac device after taking backup of my iTunes library and saved it on external hard drive. However, my problem doesn’t stop here, as after format, when I connect external device again to system, backup file was not there. I don’t know the reason behind it, but wanted to know, is it possible for me to recover iTunes library files from external hard drive?”

After reading the above scenario, you must be in dilemmas that how can one loose entire iTunes library collection so easily. Then let me tell you, it’s not all users fault. Sometimes they find few instances, which lead them to such results, and users being helpless have to face that. In above case, user faces data loss on external drive, but that doesn’t mean your internal hard drive is all safe. Both internal and external hard drives equally have chances to face this case.

To make you clear with every aspect of losing iTunes files, regardless it’s connected internally or externally, few causes have mentioned related to iTunes library file deletion or loss situations:

  • Unknowingly deleting any files from iTunes library
  • Sometimes severely virus infected iTunes library is another cause of it
  • While moving iTunes files to any external device if improper sync issue generates, there are high chances of loosing selected files
  • iTunes application malfunction

If above written any of instances matches with your present situation, you should immediately proceed with recovery plans. As long as you delay in recovery, the chances of getting back data will start decreasing gradually. So, if you seriously want to see rerieving of deleted or lost iTunes library on Mac, make use of Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool.

Why only Yodot Mac Photo Recovery? You must be thinking that why I suggested specifically this name, your answer is here.

Highlighted features of Photo Recovery Tool:

It is right utility, which can be used to recover iTunes library files from external hard drive. With this tool, you can recover iTunes library from numerous cases that include both deletion and lost. It has built-in algorithm, which can restore iTunes library data in minimum time. It is robust application because while recovery, it didn’t make any changes on original iTunes file. In fact, along with an external hard drive, you can make use of it on other storage media like iPods, tablets, memory sticks, memory cards and many more as well. While recovering files from iTunes, the data can be pictures, video, audio, etc. You can utilize this software on various versions of Macintosh system running Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.9 and Yosemite OS X.

How can I use this tool to recover iTunes library from external hard drive?

First and foremost, connect external hard drive to your Macintosh system in order to get back iTunes library files -> download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool from here and install it on same Mac system -> next, launch this software as local administrator by clicking on its shortcut icon -> on main screen, two options which are ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ will appear. Now, based on iTunes library loss scenario, choose anyone of it -> you will be asked to choose a drive from where data loss happens and as in your case iTunes library files got deleted from external HDD, so select externally connected hard drive -> Now mark file types of required data and click on Next button to start scanning of particular drive -> In next screen wait until scanning didn’t get complete. Once it gets finished, you will find a list of iTunes library data with two viewing options such as Data View and File Type View -> In case, you want to see the working of retrieved data, go for Preview option -> To make this procedure successful, click on Save button and mention any preferred location to store regained iTunes library on it.

Note: Many users facing problems while accessing iTunes library, so to avoid such situations refer pages for easily managing iTunes library