How to Recover Data from Unbootable Hard Drive?

Whenever I start my system hard drive, it is failed to boot and showed me error message that “Hard Drive fail to boot” making data inaccessible. Now when I restart the system it display blank screen. Due to this issue I lost entire data from my PC.Is there is possible solution to get data from unbootable hard drive? Please help me out!!!Thanks in advance.

The reason behind the unbootable hard drive is MBR corruption. In Master Boot Record, all operating system details are stored. To boot your hard drive these details are very important. If MBR is corrupted then operating system fails to load and hard drive becomes unbootable.

Here we mentioned few common scenarios that make hard drive unbootable:

  • Virus infection to boot sector
  • Increase in number of bad sector on hard drive
  • Improper re partitioning of hard drive or OS installation

Due to above facts you may lose your essential data from unbootable drive. In such cases you may think how to get data from unbootable hard drive!!There is solution where you can easily retrieve those data by employing third party utility.

Unbootable hard drive recovery:

With the help of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application you can get back data from unbootable hard drive. It has advanced scanning technology, which scans the entire hard drive block by block to recover all lost data from unbootable hard drive. It is a robust software it does not writes to the same drive / partition from where it is recovering data. This utility as an ability retrieve lost data from your PC hard drive as well as external drives. It can easily regain data from an inaccessible, crashed hard drives. This application can works on Windows system with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating system. This software tool can be applicable for both window system as well as for media files.

Step by step procedure to recover data from non-booting hard disk:

Download Yodot hard drive Recovery software on Windows PC-> Install it, connect damaged hard drive to that system->Run the application and follow instruction which is displayed on main screen->Click on ‘Partition Recovery’ and scan the drive. Later save the files to new drive.