How to Repair MP4 File Does Not Show Video?

“Hi guys, few days back, I had recorded a video from my mobile phone which has saved with .mp4 file extension. That time video was playing well only, but yesterday when I tried to open it, I could hear only the audio, it was not showing video. Even I tried to open in my computer, the same problem continued. That video is very important and memorable for me. So is it possible to repair it? If yes, then please do reply. Thanks in advance!”

This kind of problem is faced by many people where they will not be able to see the video, but audio working well, and in some cases both audio and video will not work. This problem arises when MP4 file gets corrupted. There are so many reasons because of which MP4 file gets corrupted. Let us discuss few of such problems:

  • When any mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. are running on low battery and even though if you continue recoding , then there is a chance of MP4 file damage
  • Your MP4 file might get corrupted while doing file conversion process
  • MP4 video file may get damage due to its file header corruption
  • If you open MP4 file on any incompatible video player, then this may lead to its corruption
  • When you try to modify MP4 video file on any irrelevant video editing application then one may not be able to see video
  • Due to incomplete download of MP4 video from internet may cause for its corruption

This kind of situation may put MP4 users into trouble. They will be under myth that, their file will not be corrected again. But it’s not true! You can fix MP4 file does not show video by using a relevant repair tool.

Application to fix mp4 file does not show video:

Make use of Yodot MOV Repair software to mend damaged MP4 file which is unable to display video. This application has few simple steps using which one can fix corrupted MP4 files easily and in less period of time. Its advance scanning technology helps to scan the selected drive and repair corrupted MP4 file effectively. One can rely on this application completely because it has read only technology which does not modify content of corrupt file while repairing, rather it extracts content and creates a new healthy copy of MP4 file. With the help of this you can even mend corrupted MOV and M4V files from all the drives which are formatted with HFS, HFS+, NTFS, FAT file systems such as, camera, camcorders, mobile phones etc. this application is compatible to work on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS and also Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion Mac operating systems.

Procedure to use the tool:

To download Yodot MOV Repair application, visit here. Once you download software, install it on your computer. Then, launch it and follow instructions given by main screen. Further, browse MP4 file which is not able to show video and click on “Repair” button to begin repair process. By using progress bar you can monitor status of scanning process. Once you are done with repair process, utility will display details of fixed MP4 file. By using “Preview” option, you can see repaired MP4 files. Then finally, save repaired file to destination drive by pressing “Save” option.