How to Retrieve Data from a Corrupt Pen Drive?

As the pen drives are portable they are prone to corruption. As a result, one may not be able to access their data from it. One such instance encountered by the user is given below:

“I have a 16 GB pen drive in which I have stored my work related files. However, I noticed that some of the files are corrupt. Those are very important files, and I have not maintained the backup of them. So can anyone suggest me how to get back data from this corrupt pen drive?”

Usually, the end users connect their pen drive in various places such as offices, cyber café etc. without scanning for virus. As a result, their pen drive may get damaged and data may become inaccessible. Besides this due to file system error, abrupt system shutdown, improper handling of the pen drive and various other factors the pen drive may get corrupt. When users face such situation they think that, the data cannot be recovered back. But that’s not true, it possible to get data back safely from such drives. So go through this page to know how to retrieve corrupted pen drive data successfully.

Caution:  When you come to know that your pen drive is damaged, immediately disconnect it and do not perform any write operations on it. Also, do not try any unreliable methods, instead try out the next recommended approach given below

Recover data from a corrupt pen drive

A renowned software known as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery can be used to restore data from a corrupt pen drive and other storage devices as well. This tool has a number of useful features which is listed in next segment, read further to explore more about it.

Salient features of this application

  • Intensive and fast scan- program scans each and every sector of the pen drive to get back lost/deleted data
  • Disk image functionality-exact replica of drive files will be created to bypass BAD sectors and to restore files after scanning
  • Self-explanatory User Interface –UI is designed to provide easy operation and control of restoration task
  • Categorize files – Extracted files can be sorted based on various attributes such as size, date, title etc.
  • Supported OS – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 and Windows 2003
  • Help and support – Any queries regarding application will be answered by committed Technical Support team

Procedure to use this tool

After downloading and installing Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on Windows system, launch it and follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Main screen will display two options-Partition Recovery and Formatted/Reformatted Recovery. Among these options, choose the first option

Step 2: Next, select pen drive from which data has to be extracted

Step 3: Scanning process begins to get back all files from drive

Step 4: Preview files to verify whether files are restored properly or not

Step 5: Save files on any secure location (There is an option to compress extracted files in order to save space)

Tips for future use

  • Before formatting/deleting contents of a corrupt pen drive, keep back up of the same on multiple locations
  • Keep system up to data and regularly scan for virus