Innovations in Police Technology

The police technology has seen many changes in these past decades. This article will give you few details about changes made in police technology.


AEDs are computerized medical devices which are specially designed to assess human’s heart rhythm and determine if the patient needs a therapeutic shock. The medical manufactures have made this AEDs rugged and portable. These have shortened their operation and enabled them to update the algorithms. The modern machines record the application event, talk to the operation and provide essential data for cardiologists to analyze later. The faster the treatment, higher the survival rate or we can say long term survival.

  • High output LED

The LEDs has invented before decades the present high output LED is a very recent innovation.  Originally thought be useful only as a replacement for radiant indicator lights, LED device became popular overnight.

  • Lighter and faster bullets:

As everyone knows, reducing the bullet weight in grains, increases the velocity. An outstanding innovation is 5.7x28mm cartridge, is built for the FNH Five seven series of handguns. This handgun is accepted by many agencies and also approved for tactical police competition. The bullets are lighter, driven to extreme velocities have demonstrated the ability to cause consistent disruption in the wound channel.

  • Wearable Video Cameras:


The latest trend of equipping officer with audio and video recording has solicited mixed emotions from many officers. This brand new wearable video cameras have features like video remote streaming, GPS tagging and discreet from factors.

  • Wearable body Armor

It is half the weight and somewhat stiff including same level of protection. It is having some newer materials which are resistance to puncture attacks. This technology is limited to only a few products however it certainly will catch on.