Innovative technology of SCS against Software Piracy



SmartFlow Compliance Solutions (SCS) is one of the leading developers in anti-piracy and software license compliance technology. This technology has introduced with inventive products that are designed to help in identifying companies combat intellectual property (IP) theft or non-compliance and piracy and provide an effective in-house compliance programs enabling them to recover lost revenue
As companies have expanded globally into rising economies, information security and software piracy are becoming major business obstacles. In fact, many of us have forgotten software piracy issue. However, software piracy continues to be an extensive issue among numerous segments of users and globally, the problem of software piracy has been anticipated to account for up to $63 billion in lost revenue annually.
Mainly SCS, has two different mechanisms to work against of the piracy conflict. Its first mechanism is a standard library that included with a custom-developed function. Moreover, along with this application, SmartFlow Software Development Kit (SDK)  also runs to check license status and maintain its compliance. After including the library in software, all the related data like IP address, license status report and even geo-location data served through the Wireless network connections are reported back to help in identify and confirm license validity.
The second mechanism is based on host-based analytics and reporting device to collects the data from SDK for necessary analysis and piracy detection. Using SmartFlow by companies with compliance and auditing program can make their efforts more efficient. It provides details by which you can find out about companies that are under-licensed or not licensed at all. However, many smaller companies, don’t even know the meaning of compliance so, in those cases, SmartFlow provides Official services to essentially take over and be the compliance department for an organization.
By bringing in the analytics, reporting, and compliance remediation services into a single program, it expects that revival of discovered losses more than makes up for the cost of the compliance program itself.