Iomega External Hard Drive Failure Data Extraction

“Last night I connected Iomega external hard drive to my Windows computer. When I tried to access data from it, it was throwing an error saying the hard drive is failed! As a result, I am unable to access or extract data from it. So please can anyone suggest me an easy solution for this problem? Awaiting for your reply.”

Now a day’s data loss due to external hard drive failure is a common issue. However, restoring data from Iomega external hard drive is not an easy task, but also not an impossible one!! Inaccessible data can be regained from failed Iomega external hard drive until and unless it gets overwritten by any other files. Before understanding how to recover data, first let us go through few reasons for why Iomega external hard drive get failed:

  • During formatting if any interruptions occur like abrupt system shut down then there is chance of Iomega external hard drive get failed
  • Improper ejection of Iomega external hard drive can cause for its failure
  • If file system of Iomega external HDD get corrupted then it becomes inaccessible

So as mentioned earlier, you can restore entire data which is lost due to any of the above mentioned scenarios by using an appropriate Iomega external hard drive failure data recovery software.

Tool to regain data from failed Iomega external HDD:

Data from failed Iomega external hard drive can retrieved using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery utility. This software can scan the selected drive sector by sector and restores lost/ erased data from it. There is a unique option in this program, i.e. you can regain lost files from selected hard drive easily by selecting its file type. After selecting this option tool will display all files from selected file type and allow you to recover them easily. This application’s rich feature allows to restore all types of data including images, music files, videos, documents, RAR files, ZIP files, PDF and so on from Iomega external hard drive. Using this utility one can retrieve data from other HDD types such as SATA, ATA, SCSI, IDE, SAS etc. You can install this application on computers having Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 or Server 2008 as operating system.

Direction to use software:

First connect Iomega external hard drive to Windows computer and download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool. Then, install and run application on computer and follow instructions given on window. Later, primary screen will display two options, i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”, select suitable option based on data loss scenario. Further, software will display the list of drives available on your system. Choose the drive which showing name of Iomega external hard drive. Then, utility will scan the selected Iomega hard drive and displays regained files under Data view / File Type View. Mark the files which you want to recover and proceed the process by clicking ‘Next’ button. Finally, save restored data to a destination location other than the same source (Iomega external hard drive).