What Makes Spreadsheets Inaccessible?

Periodic business or non-business enterprise are carried about by viable application such as Microsoft Excel. The name and its fame are widespread due to durability and reliability. Invoices, lists, agendas, schedules, calendars, records, reports and many more can be traced using spreadsheets. Exclusively, sales figures, repayment plans for mortgages process, calculations for bills and payments and many more tasks can be worked out using this incredible Office tool with some aid of formulae and concepts. Filtering process to remove duplicates, data sorting, result representation using graphs and charts and many more are the added advantageous features.

On the whole, Excel application organizes, manipulates and analyzes data in a well-defined manner.

However, at times this beneficial program sounds to be a little burden to users. Most of the times, the Excel files become inaccessible and invisible and the probability of retrieving data from corruption is directly proportional to its severity. This ultimately arises a chaotic thought regarding the data security level.  Well every coin has two faces and every problem has a solution. Immediate action taken by victims facing such inaccessibility issue is employing a third party utility for instant solution that may at times result in data loss disasters. Inspite of losing data why not try safe and feasible methods by self to remove such complications? Just stay on and complete reading this editorial piece.

Before getting through the actual solutions, know about some common error pop up appearing on screen indicating file inaccessibility.

  • “Excel can’t open the file abc.xlsx because the file format or file extension is not valid” 
  • “The file is corrupt and can’t be opened” 
  • “File error: Data may have been lost” 
  • “Excel found unreadable content in filename.xlsx” 
  • “Unable to read file” 

What makes Spreadsheets inaccessible?

When a spreadsheet is prone to damage or corruption then it automatically becomes inaccessible to end users.

Apparent possibilities for corrupt/damaged Excel sheets are listed below. Check it out:

  • Intentionally/unintentionally terminating Microsoft office application or system while still it is in use
  • Accidental deletion or formatting results in in access of file
  • Untrusted and insecure third party applications can make changes to normal functioning of Excel
  • Virus and malware intrusion
  • Operating system or any other software malfunctioning or crashes
  • Presence of bad sectors on hard drives that stores up spreadsheets
  • Interrupting Excel file transfer may result in unreachability
  • Any logical errors or application errors
  • Do not to store bulk information on a single sheet which may sometime end in file corruption.

The above file corruption causes may seem weird to look at. But Excel application user should be firm enough to fix this issue as soon as possible delaying which may cause further complications. Outlined with subsequent summary with issue, it’s causes and more now it is perfect time to pave the way for hindmost solution coming up to fix the inaccessibility concerns.

Have you ever tried these methods?

Highly appreciated if answer is ‘yes’, if ‘no’ then you are most welcomed to check the following methods.

First Method: Inbuilt Open and Repair tool

Step 1: Click on Open from the File tab

Step 2: Click the location that comprises unreachable spreadsheet and start finding with Browse option

Step 3: Choose the desired Workbook that need to be accessed with the help of Open

Step 4: Now click on Open and Repair option that will be hidden under Open option

Step 5: Hit on Repair to recover data from workbook

Step 6: If this method is unsatisfactory then click on Extract data for extraction of formulas and values

Second Method: Configuring Add-ins option

Step 1: From File, click on Options and on Add-ins

Step 2: Choose COM Add-ins under Manage and then hit on Go

Step 3: Clear the add-ins from list and press on OK button

Step 4: Relaunch Microsoft Excel application and try opening the spreadsheets that you require

Third Method: Repair Office suite

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

Step 2: Opt for Uninstall a program under Programs

Step 3: Hit on Microsoft Office application, and then on Change

Step 4: Choose Online Repair, and on Repair. Else on Quick Repair option that does not need internet connection for repairing.