What’s New in Microsoft Office 2016?

Microsoft’s Office 2016 comes with useful features such as new productivity, collaboration and data analysis features. Excel gets a boost in Outlook streamlines everyday tasks as well as power and many tool will help you to find the command when needed. Here we listed few essential features of Microsoft Office 2016, let us discuss one by one:

Tell Me box:


By using this Tell Me box application you can perform important tasks even if you don’t know   how to work in it. You can type whatever you want in this box. After typing, you can see list of commands, then you can select the required one from this list which is essential for your work. Let us consider one example: if you choosing something in document then you can see list of commands specific to that object.

Make use of Insights to get quick answer:


With the help of Insights you can search the information from within Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. Here we mentioned simple steps to use Insights: first right-click a word or phrase, select Smart Lookup. Then insights pane will open with definitions, Wiki articles and top related searches from the web.This appears right side of Microsoft Office, not in a web browser. You can also access Insights via the Review tab and Tell Me.

Collaborate and Declutter in Outlook:

Lot of new features are include in Outlook which helps you to work more efficiently as well as can collaborate it in easy manner and even can manage emails including Office applications

If you want to send an Office document which is attached to emails then you can easily send it through internet. However, in Outlook it will shows the list of files which you worked most recently.

Collaboration is nothing but working in group. If you are using Outlook with Exchange Server then you can easily set up work groups i.e. collaboration. So group member can share conversations, calendars, and files with this exchange server.

Outlook come with new features called Clutter with Exchange Server. Outlook will moves low-priority messages into a folder which is known as Clutter. You can also select the messages which should or should not go to this folder.

Forecasting and new analysis features in Excel:


Excel has introduced new features called Power Query, which will pull data from various sources for analysis, including websites and SQL, Azure, Access, and other databases. There are many charts types are available in Excel in that Box and whisker charts are most commonly used in statistical analysis.

Excel Share buttons:

Word Excel and PowerPoint has Share buttons which is placed at the top right of the window. If you click on this share button then it will promote you to save your file to an online location i.e Online Drives. On right side of your window you can see panel, on this panel  you can enter email addresses of the people you want to share the file or  else you can chose the the addresses from your address book.

Here we mentioned new features of Microsoft Office 2016, which can be used in may field s like business, bank and so on.